How long do your meals stay fresh?

We ship frozen with foil or compostable insulation to ensure that your delivery arrives cold, partially frozen, or frozen. Our meals stay fresh in the refrigerator for a week or frozen up to a month.

Our Bowls and Drinkable Soups are made in small-batches with fresh, whole vegetables, bottled immediately, and then flash-frozen. Flash-freezing locks-in the vitamins, nutrients, and rich flavor in our meals.

Our smoothies are made in small-batches with fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, and are High Pressure Processed to extend shelf life and maintain nutritional properties of the raw ingredients. This non-thermal process does not cook the ingredients or expose them to any heat: the bottles are simply pressurised at cold temperatures to kill potentially harmful pathogens. This preserves the natural nutritional value and flavor of all the raw ingredients.

Both these processes keep our recipes fresher for longer, and gets them to your door hassle-free. We never use any fillers or preservatives.


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