How do I do the Cleanse Day?

Begin your morning with your weekly meditation and a warm cup of water with lemon. Just 1 coffee or tea a day, maximum, and keep it black, or add a splash of nut milk. Allow 2 hours between each bottle.

This is a sample Cleanse Day Menu (changes weekly):

Breakfast: Butternut Turmeric—Healthy fat and protein keep you powered for longer.
Lunch: Beet Balsamic Bisque—Detox and strengthen with this bright, beautiful soup.
Mid-afternoon: Celery Plant—Celery’s flavors tickle your sinuses; potatoes and thyme satisfy.
Dinner: Lentil Kale—Stay satisfied with this hearty protein- and fiber-rich bowl.
Nightcap: Fennel Consommé—Cleanses, soothes, and calms at the end of the day.

Avoid alcohol on Cleanse Day and opt for a lighter workout. In the 2 hour breaks, have at least 2 cups of herbal tea or water. If you need more, eat some plant-based protein + carb, like nut butter + apple.

You can read more about why you should cleanse here.


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