Can I receive multiple weekly deliveries?

If you would like to receive multiple weekly deliveries, there are two options: 

1. Set up a new account with a different email address and place an order as if you were a new customer. With two accounts, you can customize both menus every week, and skip and manage your deliveries individually.

2. Update to our Prepay & Schedule plan, which allows you to purchase multiple deliveries upfront, and schedule them at your convenience, including multiple on the same day. To switch to a Prepay:

  • Go to "My Account"
  • Go to "My Plan," then "Edit Plan"
  • Select "Switch to a Prepaid Plan"

Once you make this update, schedule your deliveries:

  • Go to "My Account"
  • Go to "Delivery Schedule"
  • Refer to the calendar provided to select your desired delivery dates
  • If you would like to schedule more than one delivery on a given date, select that date on the calendar, scroll down, and update the "Qty" using the arrows
  • Press "SAVE"

Please note that while we are now able to support multiple deliveries on the same day with our Prepay & Schedule option, we can only allow one personalized menu per that particular day. For example, if you were to schedule two Lunch deliveries on the same day, you would only be able to edit one Lunch menu, and we would send you two of that same menu.

We are working on allowing for multiple weekly deliveries on any of our plans. This will be available soon.



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